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Our Value Ladder

5 Ways To Work With Trajectory Consulting

BIG Profit Strategy


BIG Profit



BIG Profit


Deep Dive

Inner Circle & Advanced Strategies


Trajectory Consulting 

BIG Profit Strategy SPRINT



This is an entry-level 6-Day Sprint.  

You will get a foundation to jump start your business & it's profits.  

You will begin to understand the 5 foundational steps to any business strategy.  You will create & take fast action on 5 quick start ideas that will set you up for making great changes to your business.  

This is a group online challenge with homework & community support.

BIG Profit Strategy - DIY Self Paced



Are you a self-starter & want to get started fast.

This DIY class has the pacing you need to get moving fast! 

You will build out your plan based upon the step-by-step outline presented here.  You will follow the workbook at your own pace.

BIG Profit Strategy - Done With You



This is our most accessed program!  

You will build out your own BIG Profit Strategy with me & a small group of Entrepreneurs just like you.  You will be given exercises & tools to help you build out your own BIG Profit Strategy. 

You'll have access to a Facebook Group page that you can share your experience & needs with myself & other Entrepreneurs.  It's a mastermind of sort too.  Inside this Facebook group you will get education & questions answered.  It's your BIG Profit Strategy Community!

Advanced Strategies


You've successfully completed the BIG Profit Strategy & now you are ready for the advanced strategies that can skyrocket your business profits fast.

You will work with other Entrepreneurs just like you ready to take their business to great heights.   The Inner Circle works on the advanced strategies that Trajectory Consulting can direct.  

You'll also have access to the Facebook group to share wisdom & experiences in a mastermind type environment.  

You'll have direct access to the consulting team for questions & solutions.  

This is a membership based community that you'll love!

1:1 Trajectory Consulting



For those of you that need some specialized attention or just want to have some work done just for you. 


1:1 Consulting can be done on a project based need along with the inner circle & advanced strategies.  You'll have individualized consulting for as long as you need to achieve your project based goal.  You'll also have direct access to the team.  

This is where you can work through challenges that need more attention and get your business moving fast!

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