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Trajectory Consulting & Marcia Riner - A Business Asset Focused Consulting Firm.

Marcia came from a family of business owners and she has run 3 successful businesses.  She has been guiding people and small business owners to grow their wealth since 1997.  She noticed a common thread that branched across every one of them, including her own. 

Many small business owners create and grow their businesses with no exit plan.  They hope that their business is worth selling someday, but they often realize too late that it is not worth much if anything at all.  Sadly, closing their dream and legacy down only to lose the years of investment.  Marcia has a heartbreaking experience of watching her parents close both of their businesses without selling them.  She couldn't save her parent's businesses but she could help others to create strong and attractive companies.   Today, she consults and coaches' business owners to turn their greatest asset into one worth selling whenever they decide it is time to stop.

A Business Worth Selling Is Also A Business Worth Owning™️

Every business takes a lot for it to be successful, such as your blood, sweat, tears, nights, weekends, and a lot of your money.  Why not make a plan to get that investment back and create a legacy that carries on after you leave.  

You can't just prop a sign in the yard and sell it one day hoping to get what it is worth.  It takes preparations!   You must first turn your business into an attractive, highly functioning, and profitable machine that is also not an owner-dependent chain and ball nor can it have heavy customer concentrations.  Your desirable business must be a turn-key model for your new buyer.


Stephen Covey says that you should start with the end in mind.   Preparing your business for sale has great benefits while you still own it.

Marcia has created a powerful system that will turn your business into an attractive and profitable business that has huge benefits now and a retirement sometime in the future.   Get more time back in each day, make more money, and enjoy your business again.  Don't you want to take a vacation and feel confident the business still runs without you?  You CAN have it all! 

Trajectory Consulting is a firm that collaborates with clients to build out the strategies for a business worth selling so that they can enjoy the lifestyle of a small business owner while reaping the rewards.

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