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Trajectory Consulting & Marcia Riner - A Profit Focused Consulting Firm.

Marcia came from a family of business owners and she has run 3 successful businesses.  She has been guiding people and small business owners to grow their wealth since 1997.  She noticed a common thread that branched across every one of them, including her own. 

Many small business owners have missed an important step in the foundation of their business.  They rush to grow their business, only later to realize that their on a wobbly foundation.   Marcia has found the missing piece in every company she's worked with & has been able to provide a solid strategy to stabilize the company so that they can begin to implement the profit building strategies that can skyrocket their success.


Every new step of your business journey involves some change.   What got you here, will not get you to the next level!  

Marcia created a system that will put the strength & stability back into your business foundation so that you can focus on growing your business and ultimately your profits.  Because the goal of any business is to create customers, and in order for you to help more customers, you need to get paid.  You are a for-profit company, right?

Trajectory Consulting is a firm that collaborates with clients to build out the strategies for their most profitable business so that they can enjoy the life of a small business owner while reaping the rewards.

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