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Our mission is to help Entrepreneurs to grow sustainable profitability through strategic planning.  
We believe that the core to any profitable business is to develop a tangible & action-driven plan.  We use our 5 foundational steps to create strategies that will provide business owners with the EXACT steps you need to take everyday to achieve your goals.  


The Plan is the EVERYTHING!

How can you know where you are going if you don't know where you are?  


The Strategy tells you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to achieve your goals.

This is your step-by-step framework


Everything you in your business involves MONEY.  

Why not make smart decisions that lead to BIGGER PROFITS!

Stop Letting Your Business Run Your Life!  

Do you feel like you're working hard than ever before and not seeing the results you expected?

Many business owners busy themselves with activities that feel like work but aren't moving the bar forward.  They are running the business but probably not in the most profitable direction. They end up taking on tasks that take their valuable time away from revenue generation activities. Reacting to the business instead of leading.  The business runs them!

The way to take back control over the business is to work from a strategic plan.  This type of plan guides the direction the business is heading, aligns the team, and moves the business in an action-packed manner towards the desired goals.  The leader is now running the business towards greater profit.


"I thought I had a pretty good understanding of my business, but never realized that I had so many gaps in the foundation.  Now, my team and I are on the same page moving the business in the right direction that will make us even more successful than we've ever been!"    Jill - Organizer  

"All that education to become an Attorney but we really didn't know how to run a business.  My partner & I were starting to hate the business side of our practice.  Marcia helped us redesign our framework so that we hired a Jr Attorney which seemed to double the number of new clients we could handle & we're not even working as hard.  We're on track to hire another Attorney next month & we're loving the practice again.  Candice - Attorney

"After 5 years working for another doctor, I was scared to go out on my own.  Marcia helped me see how I could do it.  Now 7 months in, I have doubled my projected profits and we're even expanding!"  Patricia - Chiropractor

"After 40 years in business, I was thinking about how I can sell my practice to a young Attorney.  We laid out a 7-year plan that gave both the buyer and me an easy-to-follow path that was a win-win solution with every step laid out along the way.  There was no confusion, no issues.  We both knew what to expect and how to get it done without the stress."  Jim - Attorney

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