Turn your business into a money making machine with Trajectory Consulting

Exit With A Plan Masterclass
Exit With A Plan Masterclass

EXIT With A Plan Masterclass. This is our flagship masterclass that helps business owners maximize their business value for a future sale

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Create your plan to grow your profit fast!

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PROFIT With A Plan Podcast
PROFIT With A Plan Podcast

Weekly Podcast With Profitable Conversations For Entrepreneurial Growth

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Exit With A Plan Masterclass
Exit With A Plan Masterclass

EXIT With A Plan Masterclass. This is our flagship masterclass that helps business owners maximize their business value for a future sale

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Programs Available

Start With The End In Mind and Create A Turn-Key Business You Can Enjoy Now

Trajectory Consulting provides a systematic approach to strengthen your business so it is profitable now and attractive to future buyers.
We focus on the top 8 factors buyers really look for: 
1. Positive and growing cash flow
2. Strong financials
3. Limited owner involvement
4. Recognized brand and effective marketing
5. Diversified income streams
6. Loyal employees + key man
7. Documented systems
8. Clear and distinct direction

We create clear action plans that lead to profitable results without creating an extra workload.
The Trajectory Consulting team of experienced entrepreneurs are on your side to help you take your business to the next level while creating a valuable business asset that is worth selling.

With this proven process, we will take the stress away from running your own business, growing it or turning around a failing one... because we know how much hard work that is!
Our three-step guide makes it easy for any entrepreneur looking for success:
We craft a custom solution that fits our client's unique challenges.

Trajectory Consulting can see the whole picture through our experience of working with dozens of small-to-midsized businesses.


We're a boutique consulting firm and are experts in helping entrepreneurs meet their goals.


We'll work side-by-side with you to help execute your vision - no matter what industry you specialize in or where you sit in the growth cycle.


The finish line is waiting for you!

Based on our proprietary model, we: 
✅ Analyze any strategies already in place and provide recommendations for improvement...  

✅ Recommend ways you can streamline workflows, systems, and operations...

✅ Sharpen your skills so you can make intelligent decisions, take educated risks, and create an actionable plan for success... 

✅ And so much more!


Money, as we all know is a commodity that can be used to buy products and services, pays salaries and builds buildings.


At the end of it all, the money we'll save you when you retire by selling your business and need a financial safety net to live off of.

Trajectory Consulting offers the best in business strategy that can strengthen your company and make it attractive to future buyers. 

We'll get to know you and your goals so we can create an actionable plan that’s tailored to your needs.


We also work closely with our clients every step of the way to make sure it’s done right.

Let us help your business grow with our expertise.


Trajectory Consulting provides our clients with a clear & distinct plan for their future exit.


We believe that you must start with THE END IN MIND.  This drives every aspect of your business direction.

A business worth selling is also a business worth owning.™️

By running a strong and attractive business now, you gain the benefits of an enjoyable and profitable business until you decide you are ready to hand it over to the next generation of owners.

You've given too much to your business to just close its doors when you are done.  Your business can be the most valuable part of your retirement plan.  

Transform it now so that it can reward you later!

Get your business on a thriving and profitable trajectory!

Are you ready to become the visionary genius behind your business?


We'll help you build a system that optimizes for revenue generation on all fronts.


It's not enough just optimizing operations and performance--it's about designing everything around the original vision of your company, then building it into a future trajectory.


Our solutions cater to founders who want to shift their mindsets from managing up-and-coming trends to one of forward-thinking conviction and clarity of purpose with their company.


As a small business builder, you've proven that you are intuitive and imaginative. And we would expect nothing less from the leader of your own successful company.

At Trajectory Consulting, our mission is to help entrepreneurs make strides in their own business by:

✅ Building a strategic plan tailored to YOUR business needs...


✅ Aligning everyone involved with clear expectations for success...


✅ Harvesting results in 3-6 months through systems and processes (vs. trying to do it all yourself)...

✅ And creating a valuable business that is worth selling someday.


Have you ever fantasized about not working a single day again?


Trajectory Consulting is the secret to doing this. We offer an easy, fantastic process for helping entrepreneurs build systems in their businesses that work less and make more money.

Let us help your business grow with our expertise.


"I thought I had a pretty good understanding of my business, but never realized that I had so many gaps in the foundation.  Now, my team and I are on the same page moving the business in the right direction that will make us even more successful than we've ever been!  Franchising here we come"    Jill - Organizer  

"All the education we get to become an Attorney but we really didn't know how to run a business.  My partner & I were starting to hate the business side of our practice.  Marcia helped us redesign our framework so that we hired a Jr Attorney which seemed to double the number of new clients we could handle & we're not even working that hard.  We're on track to hire another Attorney next month & we're loving the practice again.  Candice - Attorney

"After 5 years working for another doctor, I was scared to go out on my own.  Marcia helped me see how I could do it.  Now 7 months in, I have doubled my projected profits and we're even expanding!"  Patricia - Chiropractor

"After 40 years in business, I was thinking about how I can sell my practice to a young Attorney.  We laid out a 7-year plan that gave both the buyer and me an easy-to-follow path that was a win-win solution with every step laid out along the way.  There was no confusion, no issues.  We both knew what to expect and how to get it done without the stress."  Jim - Attorney

Let us help your business make your business a sale-ready asset with our expertise. Contact us today.